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Ease of access
The Ministry of Education sought to serve its clients sophisticatedly by providing up to date services. The portal also took well-founded measures to secure its users accounts warily. Consequently, the portal constantly maintains the criteria imposed by (World Wide Web Consortium W3C). In addition, the portal also takes into account global standards in portals administration, providing safe and secure environment based on Global Information Summit. The website also was developed using cascading style sheet CSS.
  Oman Education Portal pages are recognized for its easiness in terms of use, simplicity and color schemes accords. It also decided on to deploy images as it is more expressive than text.  Likewise, embalms and logos has been scripted to make it easy for text-reader program meant to help special needs clients to conceive the message.
We are here, at Oman Education Portal; ready and pleased to receive your quarries and suggestions and recommendation for portal good. You can communicate with us directly on MOE’s email .   
 Text Reader (Text –To- Speech)
Oman Education Portal uses (TTS) programs that let your computer convert text on the portal into mp3 sound. This technology is useful for visual impairment personals along with color blindness type’s difficulty. It also takes care of people who face difficulties in reading text with colorful backgrounds and different font’s size. 
As you click on “listen” icon, you can listen to the audio version; users can also alternate the voice to any convenient level. It’s also possible to download these content (the mp3) if you click on (no sound) next to TTS; this redeeming feature allows you to listen to the material later on any portable devices in hand.

Safety and Security:
Sensitive information, e-archiving and information transfer using technology is being protected using comprehensive IT security solutions coincide with ISO27001.
Web browsers:
Oman Education Portal website can be accessed using many eminent browsing programs in an easy and smooth surfing. However, in case you wanted to log into the system using your username and password, then you have to use explorer9 as it is the most coherent one with portal’s system. We also recommend that you update your browsers as the newer additions are more secured and have better features. Still, you should make sure that java codes are enabled to be able to browse the portal efficiently. You can go to the link below to know how.

Font size:
The font size can be altered through enlarge and minimize option built in the portal. Likewise, you can also see the page by any size using the browser itself from “show” option. 
Text size:
The site has been developed so that a client can adjust text size. Similarly, he can adjust the screen using Microsoft explorer options by altering it from “view” then “Text size”. The slandered size is “Medium”.  

Files readers programs
The portals enable you to read and view files made by Adobe PDF Reader.

You can also use the link below to convert PDF documents into Witten texts DOC or HTML without the need for any downloads to your PC.   tml

Smart phones and mobiles:
Proportionate to the revolutionary advances in mobile ICT gadgets; Oman Education Portal launched its version for smart phones, a swift and simple copy, and compatible with smart phones browsing systems. The portal also provides some services via (SMS).    

Communication Channels:
For the good of everyone; the portals have devoted several tubes to communicate with its clients, in order to understand their needs and receive any recommendations. You can approach us at the following means:
E -Mail:
Social Networks: Facebook, Tweeter and YouTube.
“Opinion Poll”:  the portals also deployed a corner to find out about your opinion about the services we have. 

Shortcuts and Keyboard solutions:
You can use the keyboard shortcuts and keys to navigate your moves throughout the portals contents and abandon the mouse. Within here some instructions to help you:

 Microsoft Windows:
• F1: display the help file.
• F4: repeat last operation.
• F11: show in full screen.
• Ctrl + Z: undo last action.
• Ctrl+F10: minimize the window.
• Tab: move through the page.
• Alt + Tab: switch between windows.
• Windows key + D:  show disk top
• Windows key + E: start windows browser.
• Windows key + U:   open the ease of access center.
• Ctrl + C: copy shadowed area.
• Ctrl + V: paste selected item.
• Ctrl + X:  cut selected item
• Ctrl + N: open new window.

• Command + Shift +?: To open the help window.
• Command + Z: undo the operation or recurrence.
• Command + N: open new document in the current application / new window.
• Command + Q: out of the application used.
• Option-Command + M: to reduce the open windows and return to the Dock.
• Option-Command + C: To copy the text formatting shaded.
• Command + V: Paste clipboard contents in place of the cursor.
• Command + X: remove the check and put it in the clipboard
• Control + F2: Highlight the menu bar.
• Control + F5: Shading toolbar.
• Command + M: Minimize the window.
• Option-Command + M: Minimize all of the windows.
• F 10: to show all windows.
• F 11: to show the desktop window.

Using keyboard to navigate:
You can navigate through our site easily by using the keyboard, through the following:
• Use the arrow buttons to move the top or bottom of the page.
• Use the Tab button to move between links.
• Use the Return button or Enter to select the connector.
• Use the Backspace button to return to the previous page.

We sought to provide easy and accessible services for all categories and we would be more than pleased to receive your remarks on the contact us link.

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