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events of summer programs continued in Al Braimi Governorate. Several
worksheets delivered in a number of summer centers in Al Braimi Governorate.
Rashid Al Saadi presented a worksheet titled Islam and Life at Al Farooq Center
in Al Braimi where he discussed the Islamic Shareaa and its principles in
economic and social life. Also,Faiz Al alawi, delivered another work paper
titled Green Ideas which discussed how to use the existing  resources to benefit  from them in a best way. In Maymmona Center,
Sameera Al Badi, reviewed various issues such as online blackmail, IT
cybercrimes and how to deal with blackmailers in her worksheet. In addition,
Halima Hamed presented a work paper of shopping online where she talked about consumers#
rights,counterfeit and original goods and shopping controls.         

On the other hand, H.E Shaikh Abdullah Al
Farsi,Abdullah Al Farsi, the Wali of Mehadah received in his office the summer
centers students .He thanked them for their participations in such programs. Also,Mosa
Al Hinai,the Director General of Al Braimi Directorate presented a worksheet
about students affairs list and students morals in school.    

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