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Dr Salim Al Bahri, HE Advisor for the
relationship with the community and chairman of the main committee for
organizing and managing the summer program for school students ( Our Summer Be
Safe and Secure), visited number of summer centers at Dhofar Directorate
including Saidyia school for boys in Salalah and Khawla bint Hakeem Al Saifi
for girls.


During the visit Dr Salim viewed the
various mechanism of work in these centers and the methods used in distributing
activities and events that are divided into cultural, scientific and sports.
Also, he heard the views of some supervisors and students.


The summer centers provide training
workshops in scientific innovation, digital design, mobile phone maintenance,
journalism, chemistry, music and etc.

During the
visit, HE advisor accompanied with Dr Fatma Al Ghasani, Director of Educational
Programs Department and head of local committee of summer program, Dr Adil Al
Hadri, Educational Expert and member in the main committee and Said bin Salim
Kashoob, Head of Activities Section and member in local committee.

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