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The first round of speech and classical Arabic language speaking competition continues at the Directorate General of Education in Al Batinah North Governorate in Al Batinah Hall and 60 students from class (10-12) participate in competition. Also, the event organizes by the Education Programs Department.
Moreover, Majid Al Miqbali, the Cultural Activity Specialist and the Head of Judgment Committee, says that 45 students (10 class) and 15 students class (12 class) qualify to the second stage to be qualified into second stage relating to interviews and oral exams. He added also that 6 students from 1- class and 6 students from 12 class will qualify into the final round and which will take place in Sohar University. In addition, Aqeel Al Lwatiah, the Judgment Committee Member says that the Ministry of Education keens to encourage students to love reading and find educational learning sources in order to support school subjects and enrich them. Also, he emphasizes that the Ministry aims to develop the students skills in speech aspects and search more valuable new issues in the society.

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