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The Training Centre at Muscat Directorate and in coordination with Primary Health Care Department, School Health Section, organized a training program on how to deal with diabetes cases in schools. This event came as the common cooperation between the Directorate General of Education in Muscat Governorate and the Directorate General of Health Services and lasted for two days. Also, the program started with work paper by Dr.Noora Al Hisniah who gave a presentation of the rights of diabetes students and then Dr.Rihadh Al Siyabi presented the second worksheet where he focused on diabetes, its symptoms and treatment. He also, talked about the various types of diabetes disease and gave the history of Insulin and its impact on the Insulin discovery in life today. During the lecture, the attendance viewed some local and global statics of diabetes patients and Fathiyah Al Jufaili, a Nutrition Specialist presented another work paper titled (Nutrition for Diabetes Patients with School Students) where she discussed the nutrition needs for diabetes children, how to control sugar amounts, need to eat fiber and choose fat and proteins and the role of school canteen in schools. Moreover, Dr.Farah Al Busaidi, the Head Section of non-communicable disease at the Directorate General of Health Services emphasized on the students# rights who have diabetes and their schools should establish daily care plan and emergency plan for diabetes students. She also encouraged the students to perform exercises continually in the school and home. Then, Yusra Al Farsi and Intisar Al Sadri measure blood of the attendances before the breakfast.

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