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Under the patronage of H.E.Abdullah bin Aqeel, the acting Deputy Governor of Dhofar, in presence of Shaikh Dr.Al Waleed Al Hinai, the Director General of Education at Dhofar Governorate, parents and a number of officials, Dhofar Directorate held a celebration to honor the outstanding students in the cognitive development program for the academic year 2016/2017 at the Applied Sciences College Theater. It started with Holy Quran recitation by the student, Ahmed Al Marhoon from Al Saeediyah School in Salalah.Then , Mohamed bin Aqeel Al Kaaf,the Director of Education Evaluation Department in Dhofar delivered a speech where he appreciated the excreted efforts by the Ministry of Education human resources development filed by establishing a number of educational programs in science and math subjects in the school education stages. He added also that this program aimed to strengthen and develop the students# skills, raise the students skills scientifically, spread the spirit of cooperation and positive competition and benefit from modern scientific technology. In addition, he concluded his speech by thanking whoever contribute into the program like supervisors and schools administration. After that, Ali bin Muhamad, the Head Section of Innovation and Science Olympiad presented a short presentation of the outcomes of cognitive development program for the academic year 2016/2017 and the patron of the occasion distributed certificates and prizes to the outstanding students and winning schools in the oral contests at the governorate. At the end, the Shaikh Dr.Al Waleed Al Hinai presented Memorial Shield to HE.Abdullah bin Aqeel.

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