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Muscat Directorate General of Education represented by the Education Awareness and Students Care Section at the Education Programs a forum for the socials specialists at Darsait Basic Education School in Mattrah.The event was under the patronage of Mubarak Al Mashrae, the Assistant Manager in Education programs for Education Activities and Students Care,in presence of Anaam Al Reyami,the School#s Head,Salim Al Humaidi,the Head Section and others.
In addition, the forum started with a welcoming speech by the students, Shaza Al Gardani and Atyaaf Al Hisani and Ruqiyah Al Mashaari, presented a poem. After that, a number of social specialists presented various working papers. Maymona Al Hadiah, the Social Specialists in Darsait Basic Education School demonstrated her educational project tilted" Be Aware for precious Oman" which aimed to increase the awareness culture of school curriculum among students, create new interesting issues for students and show the role of social specialist. The second paper presented by Ahlam Al Waihaibiah ,the Social Specialist at Rufyida Al Ansaarih where she discussed the applying of guiding lessons, strategies of active learning and electronic programs like ClassDojo4 and Touch Roulette. Mhammed Al Shaikali presented another working paper titled" the Phenomenon of Vandalism in Schools" where he illustrated diverse guiding methods and techniques to stand against this problem and find positive solutions. During the forum, the patron of the occasion honored the social specialists who presented the working papers.

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