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The training program for the new teachers ended in the Directorate General of Education in Dhofar Governorate. It targeted 100 teachers at the Career Development Training Centre in Salalah.Also; the program included a number of educational issues such as the self-evaluation, thinking types, class instructions, society connections, special education, behavior modification and the work environment tasks. Maqbool Al Hooti,Ameena bait Saeed,Tafool Al Emri and Khadeeja Al Kaaf implemented the program.
In addition, Mohammed Al Yaafae, the Director of HR Development at Dhofar Directorate said that the training program conducted in November and December by organizing 6 groups and each group took the program for a week and he added that it played a positive in the teacher´s career journey by providing him with skills, teaching methods and strengthening the teachers practices. Moreover, Khadeejah Al Kaaf,the program came to serve the new teachers and answer their questions and exchange experiences in education process.
In addition, Ameera Al Balushi, a Teacher from Qairoon Hairety Basic Education School (1-12) and one of the participants in the training program said that she faced various situations and challenges and during the program, she learned teaching methods and strategies.
It is also to be mentioning that a team from the Specialized Centre for Professional Training of Techers at the Ministry of Education paid a visit to Dhofar Governorate and during the implementation of program .The team represented by Humaid Al Saidi,Awad Al Nasri,DR.Mubarak Al Dhamri and Haithem Al Balushi from the Quality Team.

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