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The Directorate General of Education in Al Batinah North Governorate represented by, the Education Media and Puplic Relationship Section held a meeting with 199 media coordinators at the school of Al Batinah North Governorate in Sulatn Qaboos Mosque Hall in Sohar.The meeting aimed to clarify the tasks and roles of the media coordinators, discuss the important challenges face them, view the new updates of education media, learn the technical skills and identify the electronic publishing. Moreover, the meeting included a number of working papers.Dr.Ali Al Badi from Al Buraimi College presented a paper titled "Press Release" where he introduced the characteristics of news and the following methods in writing news. Khalfan Al Asmi,the Head Section of TV and Radio Programs in Education Media Department discussed the skills of how to deal with social media. Ibrahim Al Qasmi, the Photographer at Education Media Department discussed how to deal with photos and its programs Also, Slaam Al Sharji, the Head of Educational Forum talked about the importance of the forum and its sections.
At the end, the attendance discussed various issues such as the challenges that face the media coordinators, new developments at media coordination field, the future vision.Hilal Al lahoori,the Head Section of Education Media and Relationships at Al Batinah North, Salaam Al Sharhji and Khalfan Al Asmi ran the discussion setting.

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