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Under the patronage of Mohammed Al Farea, the Head of Education Supervision Office in Quriyat, the office held a ceremony to honor the excellent students at the school achievement and education scientific activities for the academic year 2017/2018 at the Willayat school level and at the hall of Omani Women Association.
At the beginning of the celebration, the director of education supervision office in Quriyat delivered a speech where he welcomed the attendees and said that the outstanding students deserved to appreciate for their continuous performance to raise their school levels and advised them to exert more efforts to achieve their goals and had obvious vision for their future. He also, praised the efforts of the Directorate General of Education at Muscat Governorate for the continuous support and helpful directives in education process and thanked parents# councils in Quriyat.
Then, 58 outstanding students at 12 class and who received 90% and higher in the general education diploma in the first semester and the students of Zeinab Bint Abi Sufian School Basic Education for their first place in science at schools level in Muscat and the second place among schools in the Sultanate were honored. Moreover, the patron of the occasion horned the students of Al Numaan Bin Udai Basic Education for the first place in math at the level of schools in Muscat governorate and the fourth in the Sultanate level. After that, the students of the Willayt#s school presented an operetta about Quriyat.
At the end, the patron of the celebration honored a number of companies, Individuals and sponsors who contributed in the honoring ceremony.

translated by : Nadia

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