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general education diploma of the second semester –first round -for the academic
year 2017/2018 will began today. As many as (49,515) students will appear for
the examinations at (339) centers distributed across the Sultanate, including
41613 at the general education diploma, (6294) in the continuous education, (1334)
students at the general education for the private school, (177) students at the
general education diploma and Islamic science,( 42) students in the technical
diploma of Oman Technical Royal Guard College and (65) students in general
diploma for special education. Also, the number of correction centers is  (4) centers operating two hours in the morning
and evening  distributed to the education
directorates (Muscat, North Batinah, South Batinah, and Al Dhakhiliyah) and
there are 6400 correctors and 6600 exams observers.  

In Addition, the educational directorates at
the governorate and in cooperation with specialists from the Ministry#s Cabinet
exert great efforts to prepare students for the exams through meetings,
awareness programs, and posters, brochures that distributed to the students and
Radio or Television program .Also, the Ministry establishes a number of
controls to facilitate the examination process, including: bringing the origin
of the identity of the examiner and do not take mobile phones to the
examination centers, note that it will be taken the appropriate procedures for
any irregularities during the performance of examinations in accordance with
Ministerial Decision No (2015.588) which includes the controls, instructions
and procedures to be followed in examination management and includes the types
of violations and penalties  and whether
for examiners or those conducting examinations in the event of non-compliance
with the controls applicable penalties range from the release of a written
warning to a minimum and even deprivation 
of the results of  his  examinations in all subjects.

   It is worth mentioning that the education
diploma examination of second semester –first round- for the academic year
2017/2018 will finish on Thursday, 21 June 2018.

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