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The Ministry of Education, represented by the Staff Care Department organized the travel and tourism expo for the third time in the MoE#s Cabinet for two days. Also, Six tourism companies participated in the expo and presented exclusive offers to Ministry of Education employees, as well as offers them gifts included travel tickets for a group of countries with comprehensive accommodation packages, tour tours and cards for a certain amount of hotels. In addition, Hussain Al Ajmi, the Head of Employees Care Department pointed out that the exhibition aimed to find the best exclusive offers for the Ministry#s staff at travel at tourism field and provide opportunities to companies to make promotion for their offers and provide unique benefits to the staff in various locations such as banks, hospitals and exhibitions through education portal.
It is also to be noted that the Staff Care Department always seeks to provide appropriate environment including exclusive offers and benefits to its staff in several categories such as hotels, furniture, insurance, banks, housing projects, restaurants and hospitals.

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