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The main central committee of the summer program management for school students held a meeting at the Ministry of Education in Muscat. It aimed to discuss preparation aspects to implement the program in Directorates General of Education at the Sultanate#s governorates and the meeting chaired by Dr.Salim Al Bahri, the Adviser of the Ministry of Education for the Society Affairs and the President of the Main Committee for organizing summer programs with presence of the committee members.
At the beginning of the meeting, the head of committee assured that the events aims to develop students# skills in different fields and make the best of their free time and added that summer programs is continues efforts that excreted by the Ministry of Education to present its educational and learning massage through education activities. Also, he clarified that the summer program will kick off on Sunday, next July, 15 to 26 and for two weeks.
In addition, Fathiyah Al Saddi, the Assistant Director General of IT reviewed the general document of summer program
The head of the main committee for the organization and management of the summer program is the general document of the program and its details of the implementation of the summer program, the preparation of the summer centers according to the educational directorates in the governorates and the number of students enrolled in it. The technical tasks also distributed among the members of the committee, In order to complete the summer centers to start the summer program on time.

translated by : Nadia

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