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The Directorate General of Education at Al Sharqiyah North Governorate held a meeting with the central evaluation committee of Sultan Qaboos Award for sustainable development in school environment at the Ministry of Education and chaired by Dr.Mohammed Al Shaeidi,the Adviser of the Minster of Education in Al Batinah North governorate, in presence of Salim Al Hinai and Mohammed Al Ambo Saidi,Dr.Hamed Al Surhani,the Director General of Education of Al Sharqiyah North and the Local Committee Head of the Award and a number of the committee members and school Heads. Also, the meeting took place in the Grand Hall at the Education Training Centre. During the meeting, the committee talked about the award that focused on a number of issues such as ward introduction, the standards of award evaluation-system and projects implemented by schools.
In addition, the award aimed to establish a clear future vision to enhance students #positive behaviors and values among students in the hygiene and health patterns in school and local community, build the students# personality, provide them with positive dealing skills with different issues and challenges, and stimulate their potential and diversify students scientific abilities. Also, the award helps the students to strengthen their national identity in order to prepare them to be a citizen who is capable of contributing to develop and activate the role of modern technology in the fields of education and sustainable development

translated by : nadia

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