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مركز الاخبار

Awareness Campaign for Technical and Vocational Education Paths for Business Administration and Information Technology (BTEC) in North Al Batinah

تاريخ نشر الخبر :20/02/2024

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Technical and Vocational Education Implementation Team (Business Administration and Information Technology) in the Office of the School Education Management, Development, and Structuring Project, organized awareness campaign for technical and vocational education paths for business administration and information technology (BTEC) majors in a number of educational schools in North Al Batinah. The campaign targeted students in the grade 10 of basic education, at Halima Al-Saadia School for Basic Education, and Kaab Bin Barsha School for Basic Education.

The campaign included a series of meetings with the target groups of students to register and choose technical and vocational education paths for business administration and information technology (BTEC) majors that are compatible with the educational materials. During the meetings, the team discussed the program, which is an international technical vocational program from Pearson Education in partnership with the Modern College for Commerce and Science, the program includes five basic subjects (Islamic education, Arabic language, mathematics, and social studies), and four specialized subjects in business administration (introduction to business, commercial marketing, business decision-making, and training in the world of business), and four specialized subjects in the field of information technology (information systems management, database management, programming and development, robotics and social media in business), in addition to talking about the English language program, which will be throughout the first semester with the basic subjects.

The campaign’s awareness program also included talking about the importance of educational systems and the solutions provided by the Technical and Vocational Education Pathways Program for business administration and information technology (BTEC) majors, including learning time, reducing the gap between school education and university education, and the problem of the relationship between theory and application and achieving a balance between theoretical teaching, practical application, and evaluating the impact of learning using various evaluation methods that focus on acquired competencies.

It is worth noting that students who will join the BTEC program will receive two certificates: a certificate from the Ministry of Education, and a certificate from Pearson, which is a certificate recognized in many countries of the world, which helps them enter the labor market directly, and compete in the unified admission to complete studies in most specializations that are non-scientific.

A number of students expressed their views and the extent of the importance of the program from their point of view, as the student Tasneem Al-Maamari from Halima Al-Saadia School said about the BETC program: “I would like to participate in this program after listening to this lecture because it is a beautiful program in terms of features and what it provides to the students. It meets the students’ requirements and maintains cognitive balance. The program also encouraged me because it grants a certificate supported by Pearson, provides future educational opportunities, opens up many horizons and fields of work, and contributes to providing the student with skills that are necessary for the labor market. I encourage my colleagues to enter this program.”