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Education holds Lecture on

تاريخ نشر الخبر :05/12/2022

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Educational Supervision “Department of Human Sciences Supervision”, organized on Tuesday morning, November 29, a lecture entitled “Variation of Modern Sediments and Soil Types in the Sultanate of Oman”, on the occasion of the International Soil Day, which falls on the fifth of December of each year.

The lecture targeted a number of 60 senior supervisors at the Ministry's General Diwan, supervisors, senior teachers, and teachers in the general directorates of education in the governorates. The lecture was held via video call on “TEEMS” platform.

Dr. Muhammad bin Hilal Al-Kindi, a geologist at the Earth Sciences Consulting Center delivered the lecture in which he touched on several topics, namely the types of soil in the Sultanate of Oman, the factors influencing their formation, modern technologies in their uses, and their modern sediments. He presented a historical sequence of their sediments, followed by discussion with the audience.

The lecture aims to celebrate the occasion of the International Soil Day, and to enable the target audience to know the reality of the soil in the Sultanate of Oman, identify the techniques used in soil conservation, and analyze the relationship between geology and soil science.