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Ministry of Education celebrates the International Safer Internet Day

تاريخ نشر الخبر :12/02/2023

The Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Ministry of Education – Electronic Information Security Department – participated on Tuesday virtually with the countries of the world in celebrating the International Safer Internet Day, which falls on the seventh of February this year.

On the importance of participation and the most important activities carried out by the Ministry of Education to celebrate this occasion, Ahmed Al-Ghatarifi, Director-Assistant of the Electronic Information Security Department in the Ministry, said: “from the standpoint of embodying the sublime parental guidance from His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq which emphasizes the necessity of sensing the size of the responsibility that rests on society, its institutions, and its members in dealing with and caring about building a family and raising children, benefiting from technology and digital and social communication, comes the participation of the Ministry of Education represented by the Information Security Department In cooperation with the Department of Communication and Media at the Ministry, the Department of Digital Services at the Directorate-General of Information Technology, the Suhail Bin Amro School for Basic Education at the Directorate-General of Education in Muscat Governorate, Microsoft, and support from the Middle East College in the preparation of a number of events to celebrate this international day in a manner consistent with the royal directives regarding the optimal use of social networks.”

He also added: “The Ministry implemented a number of virtual activities targeting students, their parents, and those in charge of educating young people, by publishing a number of educational tweets in the field of electronic security, the optimal and positive use of the Internet, and social networks accompanied by video clips of educational tips and publishing a number of targeted educational infographics in a consistent manner that is compatible with school students and parents. As well, in cooperation with Middle East College, an electronic competition was published on the official account of the Ministry through social media platforms (Twitter) and (Instagram); in order to achieve interaction and participation in the event by parents and students, and to disseminate the concepts and principles of electronic security to them. In addition, within the initiatives of Microsoft Corporation, the company’s specialists presented a virtual awareness session in the field of safe and positive use of the Internet, and to enhance the raising of electronic security protection among these students and their parents, and to achieve more of positive interaction of the event and the attraction of a large number of participants and those interacting with it. The event was circulated and disseminated internally to the various administrative divisions of the Ministry.”

It is worth noting that the Ministry's celebration of this International Safer Internet Day seeks to achieve several goals, including: spreading the culture of electronic security among students by educating them about safe practices and skills in cyberspace, and making them aware of the most important positive and safe practices to create a safe internet environment for them, enhancing aspects of protection for them from the dangers and threats

of the internet, and spreading awareness among parents about their role in creating a safe environment for their children when using the internet.