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مركز الاخبار

Ministry of Education implements Training Program on Educational Indicators Using Power Bi

تاريخ نشر الخبر :20/09/2023

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Educational Supervision, is implementing this week the training program “Educational Indicators Using Power Bi,” within the professional development plan. The five-days program targets “twenty” Heads of Department of Educational Indicators and their employees from the ministry’s General Diwan and from the Educational Directorates in the governorates. The training program is taking place at the computer hall at the Specialized Institute for Vocational Training for Teachers.

The program is presented by Ahmed Al-Farsi, Head of the Database Management Department at the Directorate-General of Information Technology is the presenter of the program which includes the presentation of “five” papers. The first paper dealt with benefiting from the Power BI service in Office 365, and on bringing data from various sources such as (Excel - Access - SQL), cleaning the data before starting to design the control panel, and using Power BI in accordance with the trainees' job tasks. The second paper dealt with fetching data from different sources, diversifying the of creating filters and changing their properties, and creating various pages. The third paper dealt with creating a KPI chart and using page properties and color coordination. The fourth paper included training on how to create a matrix chart and dealing with a table chart. The fifth paper reviews how to add Buttons, use the Buttons properties and the aesthetics of the colors in them, and to link the button with other pages.

The training program aims to familiarize employees with the system more broadly, provide them with the skill of accessing the program, how to read data, analyze it, and display it in a clear and easy way. It also aims to enable employees to access the program easily and conveniently, learn about the data contained, and employ educational indicators in technical readings of data.