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مركز الاخبار

Minister of Education honors Winner Students in the Knights of Arabic Language Competition

تاريخ نشر الخبر :27/02/2024

HE Dr. Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shaibaniya, Minister of Education, patronized a ceremony to honor the winning students in the Knights of the Arabic Language competition, which was organized by the Ministry of Education as part of the activities of the Arabic Language Month initiative launched by the League of Arab States. The ceremony was held at the theater of the Directorate-General of Education in Muscat Governorate.

The ceremony included the Ministry’s speech delivered by Dr. Suleiman Al-Jamoudi, Director-General of the Directorate-General of Educational Supervision and Chairman of the Main Committee of the Competition, in which he said: “The Ministry’s interest in the Knights of the Arabic Language Competition comes within the activities of the Arabic Language Month initiative, which was launched by the League of Arab States and focused on students’ creativity and stimulating the spirit of competition among them to nurture and hone their talents and develop their skills, in a way that is integrated with the school curricula. The competition included five areas: story, essay, poetry, calligraphy, and drawing and was implemented for all three educational levels. Two hundred and twenty-eight students from public and private schools competed for its prizes in the finals, and it contributed to achieving returns and benefits for students and competing schools alike and to produce student talents that enhance the national presence in various regional and international cultural competitions, so that the flag of the Sultanate of Oman flies high on the podiums.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Jamoudi added: “The competition, with the gains it achieved and the linguistic movement it created among students, enhanced the development of their linguistic and creative skills. From this standpoint, the vision of the initiative was not limited to the areas of the competition, but rather included extracurricular events and activities that helped hone the students’ talents and abilities in the various Arabic language arts, such as training workshops for proficient students in how to write creatively in stories, articles, poetry, drawing, and Arabic calligraphy.”

Al-Jamoudi concluded his speech by saying: “The Ministry’s continuous interest in student talents is the translation of the human and society pillars in the Oman Vision 2040 and its priority to create a society whose human being is creative, proud of its identity, innovative and competitive, and an embodiment of what the great goal of the School Education Law stipulated in its second article is to achieve comprehensive and integrated growth of the personality of the learner in its mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects.”

The students presented a theatrical performance entitled “Student Creations in the Arabic Language,” after which a visual film entitled “Knights of the Arabic Language” was shown. After that, HE the Minister of Education, the patronage of the ceremony, honored a number (44) of the students who won the Knights of the Arabic Language competition, in the five competition fields: the story, the essay, poetry, drawing, and Arabic calligraphy.