مركز الاخبار

مركز الاخبار

Ministry of Education discusses Future Specializations for Technical and Vocational Education with Economic Sectors

تاريخ نشر الخبر :29/02/2024

The Ministry of Education held yesterday, Wednesday, morning a meeting with representatives of economic sectors from professional associations and sectoral skills units to discuss the foundations of offering future specializations for vocational education. The meeting was held at the Ministry’s General Diwan.

This meeting came within the framework of the Joint Committee for Vocational and Technical Education in the Post-Basic Education Stage, whose membership includes representatives of some government agencies and relevant economic sectors. This committee aims to achieve integration and interconnection between the agencies with regard to vocational and technical education programs.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Education has partnered with the energy sector, represented by the Oman Energy Association (OPAL) to offer some engineering specializations starting from the academic year 2024/2025. The Ministry also intends to gradually expand in establishing similar partnerships with the rest of the economic sectors in order to achieve the principle of partnership in implementing vocational and technical education.