مركز الاخبار

مركز الاخبار

Professional Care Program for Teachers Assigned to School Administration Positions in the Schools of the Al Wusta Governorate

تاريخ نشر الخبر :30/08/2023

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Educational Supervision, implemented on (Monday) a professional care program for teachers assigned to occupy school administration positions (school principal, assistant principal) in the schools of the Directorate-General of Education in Al Wusta Governorate, which continues for two days.

On the importance of implementing this program, Dr. Hajar bint Talib Al-Marzouf Al-Saadi, Assistant Director of the School Administration Supervision Department at the Ministry, said: “The implementation of this program comes within the framework of the project to localize school administration jobs with the aim of achieving stability in the school administration jobs in the Directorate-General of Education in Al Wusta Governorate, and overcoming the challenges they face. This program also aims to introduce the target group to the policies, regulations, and laws related to schoolwork, and the mechanisms of administrative and technical work, and to provide them with a number of skills related to the organization of administrative work in the school, building their capabilities, enhancing them with skills, and raising their professional competence.”

She added: “A number of school administration supervisors from the educational directorates in the governorates, with the participation of school administration supervisors in Al Wusta Governorate, provide support and professional care for teachers assigned to school administration functions in the directorate’s schools in the governorate, and provide administrative and leadership directives and instructions related to schoolwork.”